The entire Unicoi County school system appreciates and congratulates our Kiwanis Club's support of children and reading. From the Imagination Library to the elementary reading program to the Teacher of the Year recognition to Key Club and Builders Club sponsorship to college scholarships . . . the Erwin Kiwanis accomplishes great works. This group is a fine example of regular folks making a big difference in a community.

-- Denise Brown, Unicoi County Director of Schools


Kiwanis History

Our Kiwanis Club of Erwin was organized in 1921 and has served our community continuously through all the years since, with no lapse of service even during times of war or the Great Depression.  Ours is one of the oldest true community service organizations in the southern Appalachians, as well as one of the region's oldest continually-chartered Kiwanis Clubs. 

Our primary mission is service to children, as well as to generally build a better community within which our citizens can live, work, and play.  Our projects listed in this website are just a few of the ways we seek to benefit both young people and senior citizens.  For more than 50 years, we have provided shoes and clothing for the disadvantaged children of Erwin and Unicoi County.

The roster of our club membership and officers over the past century ranks as a true Who's-Who of local community leaders.  We always welcome visitors and guests to join us. Regular meetings are held each Tuesday at noon in the main meeting chamber of Erwin town hall on Main Street.

A generation of us have now gown up enjoying Kiwanis Little League Park and the campfire programs at Rock Creek park. 

Our next generation will enjoy the new toddler, tots and special-needs park along Erwin's beautiful Linear Trail
Today our club is part of Division 7 of the Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis District of Kiwanis International . . . which itself was founded in Detroit, Michigan, on January 21, 1915.

The name “Kiwanis” is taken from an Indian term “Nun Keewanis”, which roughly means “Self expression”. The purpose of the organization became “community service”, a concept from which Kiwanis International -- and our local Erwin club -- has never deviated.

In 1916, Kiwanis entered Canada, thus becoming “International”.  1962 saw Kiwanis extended to Mexico and International membership has grown rapidly, to now include clubs in 96 countries around the world.

Presidents of the Erwin Kiwanis Club

1921  James S. Thorp
1922  Thomas Earl Cecil
1923  Dan M. Laws
1924  Homer L. Mason
1925  P.M. Montgomery
1926  Tom R. Keys
1927  L.W. Pierce
1928  J.H. Chapman
1929  W.C. Hatten
1929  Ben Husband
1930  L.H. Allred
1931  Frank T. Gentry
1932  E. G. Robbins
1933  H. Dennis Erwin
1934  Stephen O. Redacre
1935  Jack T. DeArmond
1936  Carl S. Miller
1937  H.L. Monroe
1938  L.H. Phetteplace Jr.
1939  J. Clifford Rule
1940  B.H. Hampton
1941  Earle Hendren
1942  William H. Wright
1943  Dave T. Bell
1944  Charles E. Wing
1945  A.A. Dobbs
1945  C.D. Alexander
1946  John Wilkerson
1947  P.C. Alford
1948  Harry E. Campbell
1949  Dan S. Davis
1950  Arch McIntyre
1951  Carl T. Vance
1952  R. Doyle Moore
1953  Eugene P.Price
1954  M. Haynes Brown
1955  Roland Sevier
1955  Gwynn Parker
1956  J.P. Salmon Jr.
1957  Henry L. Reeves
1958  Robert H. Harvey
1959  W. R. McGowan
1960  James A. Goforth
1961  Edway R. Johnson
1962  Frank Parsley
1963  Charles E. Harrison
1964  James E. True Jr.
1965  Edward L. Hammer
1966  T. S. Hughes
1967  Joe Hendren
1968  John R. Jones
1969  Vernon S. Sims
1970  Fred H. Whitlow
1971  James L. McMackin
1972  Kay Carey
1973  Robert L. Kroh
1974  Ralph S. Gardner
1975  James E. Wells
1976  Tom J. Sams
1977  R. Edward Moore
1978  S. Lee Vance
1979  L. Kent Roller
1980  Thomas H. Hensley
1981  Thomas J. Seeley Jr.
1982  Howard C. Brown
1983  Robert F. Sams
1984  J.E. "Baldy" Bennett
1985  Sam Keesecker
1986  John W. Thomas
1987  Thomas D. Lee
1988  William B. Anderson
1989  Ron K. Elliott
1990  Steve Flack
1991  Thomas D. Harris
1992  William A. Steffey
1993  William J. Gaines
1994  Stuart S. Brown
1995  R. O. Smith
1996  Shelton J. Thompson
1997  Tim Bennett
1998  B.J. Moore
1999  Larry Hatfield
2000  Everett Shell
2001  James D. Stevens
2002  Jack Jones
2003  Alan Lingerfelt
2004  Betty Stevens
2005  Frank Cooke
2006  Larry Rose
2007  J. David Erickson
2008  Jim Wozniak
2009  Sarah Bailey
2010  Allen Rogers
2011  Alan Foster
2012  Richard Booth