Kiwanis Foundation

Throughout its long history of community service, the Erwin Kiwanis Club has remained true to its mission as a pure service organization.  However, we did not officially enjoy status as a true "charitable non-profit" organization until incorporating our own Foundation in recent years.

Following arduous organizational efforts of club members, on May 9, 2009 the U.S. Internal Revenue Service granted its official 501C3 non-profit status to the "Erwin Kiwanis Club Community Services Foundation".
(FIN # 26-3293302)

We thereby obtained the status to accept legally tax-deductible donations to the Foundation, an important consideration for many business and private donors.*  
The Foundation also gives our club stronger standing in applying for grants and additional outside foundation gifts.

Incorporation of our club's relatively new Foundation actually grew from our club's commitment to the development of the new Kiwanis Park along the Erwin Linear Trail.  This unique community resource will be a play & learn recreation area for toddlers and tots, including specifically designed equipment and facilities for special needs children.  Through the enthusiastic participation of the Town of Erwin, Unicoi County and other leading community organizations, this dream of a very special new community park suddenly became a very realistic new community "project" of our club. It also was an ambitious project, with significant funding needed to develop the facility and purchase highly-specialized fixtures and playground equipment.

Through meetings with potential donors to this worthwhile project, it became apparent that the time was right to consider forming our Kiwanis Club's own tax-deductible financial arm.  That's how the idea took seed to incorporate the Erwin Kiwanis Club Community Services Foundation.  The Foundation will now serve as the lead fundraising entity for our new Kiwanis Park in Erwin, as well as to serve in perpetuity to help fund the current and future projects so vital to making our community a better place to live for all our citizens.

Donations to the Foundation may be made, payable to:
Erwin Kiwanis Foundation
PO box 207
Erwin TN 37650

* Always consult your tax advisor for donation deductibility status applicable to your individual circumstances.